Our Directors are passionate, committed and focused on ensuring we accomplish our objectives. They are responsible for our company’s corporate governance and strategic direction. Under our Constitution the Board is made up of between six and nine Directors.

Up to five directors are elected by shareholders who are suppliers of livestock to the company. Up to three may be appointed by the board.


Applications open for Co-operative Farmer Elected Directors

Applications for Silver Fern Farms Co-operative’s next two Farmer Elected Directors are now open.

Two spaces will become available on the Board, as incumbents Richard Young and Dan Jex-Blake both retire at the Co-operative’s Annual Meeting in May. Both have completed their maximum of three terms.

Directors of Silver Fern Farms Co-operative are responsible for setting the Co-operative’s corporate governance and strategic direction. Silver Fern Farms Co-operative owns 50% of Silver Fern Farms Limited, in partnership with Shanghai Maling.

To be eligible for this role, candidates must be a current shareholder of the Co-operative and have supplied a minimum of 400 stock units to Silver Fern Farms for each of the last two years. Nomination forms must also be signed by two shareholders who meet the same criteria.

Nominations close 12 noon Friday 17th February 2023.

To get an application pack please contact 

Clark Taylor
Shareholder Relations Manager
029 914 5060