Co-Operative Calls For Board Appointed Farmer Director

By Silver Fern Farms Co-operative

Co-Operative Calls For Board Appointed Farmer Director

"Posted" 29/07/2021

Dunedin Thursday 29th July 2021:  Applications for Silver Fern Farms Co-operative’s next Board Appointed Farmer Director are open.

Silver Fern Farms Co-operative Chairman Rob Hewett said the new role opens up a directorship opportunity on the Co-operative Board which assists in ensuring constructive rejuvenation of its governors.

“With the recent election of our previous Appointed Director, Gabrielle Thompson to the Board, the Co-operative is now seeking applications for the vacant Board Appointed Farmer Director role she previously held”

“The appointed Director role supports the Co-operative’s ongoing succession plan and ensures active farmer directors are well equipped to gain governance experience ahead of standing for election in the future.”

To be eligible for this role, candidates must be a current shareholder of the Co-operative and have supplied a minimum of 400 stock units to Silver Fern Farms for each of the two years ended 31 December 2019 and 31 December 2020. Eligibility also includes those that have a legal or beneficial interest in a shareholder supplier e.g. a shareholder of a company, partner in a Partnership or a named beneficiary of a Trust.

The successful applicant will be appointed to the Board of the Co-operative for a maximum term of three years, following which if they wish to continue, they will need to make themselves available for election. They can choose to seek election prior to the three-year term expiring.

The successful applicant will not be eligible to be appointed to the Board of Directors of Silver Fern Farms Limited until such time they have successfully been elected as a Farmer Elected Director of the Co-operative.

Applications close at 5pm Thursday 19th August 2021.  For any enquiries, please contact Clark Taylor at or on 029 9145060.



For further information please contact:

Rob HewettClark Taylor
ChairmanShareholder Relations Manager
Silver Fern Farms Co-operativeSilver Fern Farms Cooperative Limited
021 341 744029 914 5060