New digital tools hand information over to our farmer partners

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New digital tools hand information over to our farmer partners

"Posted" 04/11/2019

Silver Fern Farms has taken another step forward on our transformational digital journey, with you in mind. We have launched Silver Fern Farmer, our new digital platform that connects you directly to insightful tools and information, unique to your farm, with the click of a button.

Our new Silver Fern Farmer mobile app and website lets you get out of the office and onto the farm with valuable information at hand, to help make quicker on-farm decisions.

It’s like having a kill sheet in your pocket, with up-to-date information about the stock you are supplying, which animals are achieving premiums and any animal health problems that might not be picked up in the yards at your fingertips. This information gives you greater ability to adapt your farming practices to deliver quality, in-spec animals.

We’ve developed Silver Fern Farmer with input from our farmers about what would provide the best experience on farm, so that the technology shift we are making creates value for all and deepens our relationship.


Features include:

  • Kill information – access to interim and final data immediately after processing and final pricing, access to payment history and analytics
  • Kill sheets are available off-line while on paddock
  • Kill Analytics – grade breakdown, comparative period, mobs, animal health
  • My Stock – viewing forward forecasts, and booking confirmations
  • Weekly Livestock Price Schedules
  • My Account – My Shares
  • Beef EQ Reporting
  • What’s New – supplier communication portal
  • Contact Us – direct access to 0800 customer service team, direct SMS access to rep
  • Shareholder Calculator - coming early November


Initial feedback from farmers has been overwhelmingly positive; we are excited to hear how the new tools are helping our farmers who have been involved in the testing phase and are working with the app and website every day. This reinforces that to us we are on the right track.

“It took me only 3 minutes from our email notification tonight to get on the web and set up my phone app as well. Least grief ever in switching over! Brilliant layout and usability.”

“I can now scroll between my kill sheets instead of opening individual files.  The Animal Health report is great too as it will highlight any animal health issues on farm that I may need to take action on.”

Follow the simple registration steps below.


Silver Fern Farmer App

  1. To begin your registration click here or call Customer Service 0800 362 362
  2. Download the Silver Fern Farmer App onto your mobile phone from the App Store or Google Play


 Silver Fern Farmer Website

  1. To begin your registration click here or call Customer Service 0800 362 362
  2. Sign in to the Silver Fern Farmer website online at


This is just the beginning for Silver Fern Farmer - future tools will include integration with other industry partners and their programmes, and further richer information from Silver Fern Farms.

The launch of the app and the new supplier website is a great step towards enhancing your experience with us.

Take a look at our introductory video here

If you have any issues with downloading or using the app or website, please get in touch with Silver Fern Farms Customer Service on 0800 362 362 and they will assist you.

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