Media Release: Board Nominations Open & Changes to Governance

By Silver Fern Farms Co-operative

Silver Fern Farms Co-operative – Board Nominations Open & Changes to Governance

"Posted" 22/01/2024

Silver Fern Farms Co-operative has today announced that nominations are open for two vacancies on the Board and has also confirmed that Anna Nelson will become the new Chair following the Co-operative’s Annual Meeting on 8 May.  

Current Farmer-Elected Directors Rob Hewett and Gabrielle Thompson will retire by rotation at the Annual Meeting.

With Rob Hewett’s term as a Farmer Elected Director coming to an end, the Co-operative Board has unanimously voted to appoint current Director Anna Nelson to be the new Chair, with Rob Hewett unanimously voted to stay on as an Appointed Director for a term of up to 12 months.

Retiring Director Gabrielle Thompson has advised she will be standing for re-election as a Farmer Elected Director.

Current Silver Fern Farms Co-operative Chair Rob Hewett says the changes are designed to create continuity as there is both a change of leadership at a governance level and the Operating Company will have a new Chief Executive.

“With the end of my term on the Board in May coinciding with Silver Fern Farms Ltd recently appointing Dan Boulton as new Chief Executive, the Board has determined that I stay on as an Appointed Director for a short period to help through the transition,” says Mr Hewett.

“While the new Chair and Chief Executive will each bring fresh perspectives and focus, ultimately, the Board is united behind Silver Fern Farm’s strategy and direction of travel and it’s important we keep momentum until the new changes are embedded.

“From our experience working with her around the Board table, the Board and I have a great deal of confidence that Anna will be an exceptional Chair. Despite the prevailing market conditions we’re experiencing, we’re going into the next period in good health and with a clear focus,” he says.

Incoming Chair Anna Nelson says she is looking forward to leading a unified Board and working closely with shareholders and suppliers through the current challenges in market.

“As a farmer as well a Director, I’m acutely aware of how market conditions are being felt right across our supply chain. This gives our Board a clear focus and resolve to continue creating value for the farmers the world needs," she says.

Notes for Editors:

·       Directors of Silver Fern Farms Co-operative are responsible for setting the Co-operative’s governance and strategic direction. Silver Fern Farms Co-operative owns 50% of Silver Fern Farms Limited (the Operating Company), in partnership with Shanghai Maling.

·       Nominations are open to candidates who are a current shareholder of the Co-operative and have supplied a minimum of 400 stock units to Silver Fern Farms for each of the last two years. Nomination forms must also be signed by two shareholders who meet the same criteria.

·       Nominations will be open until 12 noon on 20 February, 2024. Voting papers will be distributed on 4 April with voting open until 3PM on 1 May, 2024. Results will be announced at the Annual Meeting.

·       Those Directors of the Co-operative who have also been appointed to the Board of the Operating Company will be confirmed following the Annual Meeting.

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