Silver Fern Farms Youth Scholarships 2020

By Silver Fern Farms Co-operative

Silver Fern Farms Youth Scholarships 2020

"Posted" 12/06/2020

Silver Fern Farms welcomes applications for the Plate to Pasture Youth Scholarships for 2020. 

Silver Fern Farms Chief Executive Simon Limmer says the scholarship programme reiterates the commitment Silver Fern Farms has to developing young people and their careers.

“During this time of disruption, we have seen that our industry needs food heroes to ensure the continued success of the red meat industry. The Plate to Pasture Youth Scholarship programme gives us the chance to hear directly from the creative young people who want to make a contribution to sustainable food production.”

“Now, more than ever, we want to support people to develop their careers and be part of what we see will be a global food renaissance. This year we will be asking applicants to identify opportunities they see for the industry in light of the Covid-19 crisis and what role they will play in New Zealand’s recovery.”

“Our vision is to become the world’s most successful and sustainable grass-fed red meat company. We are committed to our sustainability goals and through the Youth Scholarship programme we continue to support emerging talent in the sector which is vital to developing relationships that will strengthen our industry.” 

Since 2017 Silver Fern Farms has invested $90,000 to further the careers of young people through the programme. In 2020 the Plate to Pasture Scholarship programme will award six winners from across the country $5000 to assist with developing their careers and capabilities in the red meat sector. 

Applications are now invited from people wanting to develop their careers in the food or red meat industry with interests in red meat, food production, agriculture, food marketing, marketing and sales, finance, innovation, research and development, food processing, sustainability, cooking and food technology. Visit silver information about scholarship criteria and the application process. Applications close on Monday 26th July 2020.

The applicants require a Silver Fern Farms Co-operative shareholder to support their bid for a scholarship. Silver Fern Farms Co-operative Chair Richard Young says the Co-operative is proud to support the Plate to Pasture Youth Scholarships.

 “Every year we look forward to supporting the applicants, encouraging them to share their ideas and their passion for the red meat sector. As a food producer we are acutely aware that we must continue to adapt to progress the future of farming and maintain vibrancy in our communities. We encourage these future leaders to strive to succeed and make significant contributions to our industry,” Mr Young says.


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